The brand name is inspired by "Read me" (to understand me in whatever way). We not only focus on making sex dolls that provide customers with a beautiful visual experience but also devote ourselves to creating sex products that can bring rich emotional value to customers.

Our Factory

Quality & Tech

We only use the highest quality materials. We ensure every doll is created from body-safe material, making it an easy and safe option for your body, we are paying great attention to improve our R&D capacity to satisfy the needs of our clients. We devote ourselves to lessen the weight of our dolls when normal dolls are bulky or clumsy for user experience. We pioneer in precise-gravity-center tech which can have the doll manufactured with a more accurate gravity center. We are constantly breaking tech barriers and are making doll innovations over and over again. We will keep improving on products and working on combinate dolls with electronic products in a more balanced way. We have developed dolls with contractile inserts, auto heating functions, and even with auto-sounding-device, etc.
With creativity and solid manufacturing tech, we keep progressing on meeting every customer’s demand.

  • Finger Details

    Adjustable Finger Joints:
    Unlike common doll product with stiff hands in fixed postures, we provide dolls with adjustable finger joints which mean you can customize your doll’s fingers in whatever posture as you wish, to satisfy your needs, the dolls can do fisting, holding something, sprawling open, etc. The doll fingers can be easily posed to form various gestures which were not possible with feeble old metal-wire fingers. 
    Besides all these above, the dolls have round finger skeleton tips to prevent themselves from poking through doll skin, the hand skeleton is devised exquisitely to offer added strength to the doll fingers and protect fingers from breaking easily.
    The new adjustable-finger doll is a revolution to your sex doll experience

  • Customizable Looking

    We have 3 default colors of eyeballs for you to choose from: light blue, green, and brown. (If there are other eye color requirements, you could contact our CS for help.) Makeup service is also provided for dolls, equipped with artificial eyelashes and personalized eye-makeup styles, the doll's eyes can be moved (take care: not in an extreme way) at the tangle you want, making it easy for doll face expression resembling a more humane look. Various eyebrow, eyelash, and eyeliner styles are provided for the dolls, customers can select the type of dolls they want.
    Choose your love doll. Pair with the fit eyeshadow for a hot look. So many looks can be had with different eye colors. From deep to innocent, give your girl a whole new look!

  • Selectable Inserts

    We provide different inserts for you to choose from, the clients can choose inserts with auto-heating functions when in winter, the auto-heating inserts can be used to create a cozy experience for you. Also, contractile inserts are provided for a vivid experience. There are different styles of inserts available for the dolls to meet different requirements. We also adopt precise-gravity-center technology in manufacturing dolls which can guarantee a great experience when using a doll. You can display the doll in the position you want without worrying it cannot settle or falling on the ground.