Affiliate Program

Ridmii only developed unique design sex dolls, if you are interested in and love our dolls, welcome to join in our Affiliate Program to get your share of the pie.

Earn 10% commission for each order you refer successfully, apply into us and start earning today!

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1. How to register

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2. Create your exclusive affiliate link

Establish the links you need and point them to our site. Share the link in Facebook, Twitter or other social media.

3. Get Commission

You will get a 10% commission once your links convert to sales!


How to develop your affiliate program?

Marketer promote our products and generate sales by variour channels such as content marketing(doll photography and using experience and buyer show etc.), social media(facebook, twitter, thedollforum, reddit, instagram etc.), email marketing, influencer collaborations.

If you have any question, please contact us