Ridmii Doll Free Display Room

As the sex doll market continue developing, we realized that it's hard to feel and insight into our sex dolls by showing photos and videos online. Do you want to feel and touch Ridmii sex doll by yourselves?

We collaborated with Stephan(doll lover) and SexydollsHellas(Ridmii doll reseller) and provided complimentary on-site tours in Germany and Greece for free. If you also want to display Ridmii sex doll in your room, please contact kachel@ridmii.com, we will give you an exclusive offer, welcome to join in our team!

More and more doll lovers are joining in our team, stay tuned!

> Stephan- Germany Doll Repair Specialist (Provide German & English telephone support.)

> Alexandros- Greece Ridmii Doll Reseller (Provide before and after-sale service)

Our team have specialized in the doll industry more than 5 years, providing comprehensive support and assurance for your buying journey.

How to book the exhibition?

Step 1- To contact with them to make an appointment by email or phone number in advance.

Step 2- To go to exhibition room directly.

Detailed Introduction

Stephan(Germany)- owned 2 Ridmii sex dolls( Romy and Cara), providing email and phone support for German and English-speaking customers and he's good at repair and care of the dolls.

WhatApp, Telegram and WeChat: +49 160 9726 1106

Email: skleemann@gmx.de

Address: 15km south of Hanover, Germany.

Ridmii Cara doll reviewed by Stephan

Pictures were shooted by Stephan (Updating)


SexydollsHellas(Greece) | Alexandros(Founder)- professional love doll reseller and authorized by Ridmii in Greece, providing email and phone support for Greek and English-speaking customers. Alex has a doll showroom in Greece and attend Erotic Festival every year.

Tel: +30 6942 016 902

Email: sexydollsells@gmail.com

Address: 28 Irinis Ave, Ilioupoli 16345, Greece

Ridmii Jordi is in showroom

Pictures and video were shooted by Alexandros in Erotic Festival  (Updating)