About RidMii

Founded in 2018, Ridmii is a well-known love toy brand in the global market. It focuses on high-luxury physical sex dolls and is committed to bringing an intimate and in-depth partner experience for all the customers in the world.
Brand Concept:
The brand name is inspired by "Read me" (to understand me in whatever way). We not only focus on making sex dolls that provide customers with a beautiful visual experience but also devote ourselves to creating sex products that can bring rich emotional value to customers.
We aim to weave a warm and fun interactive experience for you with our professional R&D capacity to manufacture dolls.
The hustle and bustle of the city may make you tired out, to make you get rid of the hectic life, we will always stand by your side and provide your a warm harbor to satisfy your inner needs.
Brand Slogan:
Understanding you is more important than anything else.
Let me know you better.

Ridmii as doll manufacturer, sharing some real factory pictures for everyone.