Advanced RIMII Sex Doll App-Controlled Tech

Ridmii with advanced technology of App controlling doll in global( like the frequency of vagina auto-sucking and moaning, and vibration of the doll) this app only we have and work for our Ridmii dolls.

How to use?

Step 1 Charging the doll's switch on its body.

Step 2 Switch on - activate doll body.

Step 3 Download APP(Mutuafun) in App store or Google Play and match up with your doll via Bluetooth.

Step 4 Function Select after connected with doll and app smoothly.

Main functions: Vagina Auto Sucking/Vibration/Moaning/Intelligent Sensor

The Hardware User Guide of RIDMII Doll App

The Specifications of Hardware And App-controlled Technology

The video of RIDMII sex doll controlled by our App.